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Sexynow challenge: I'm too shy to approach her. How to take action

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Sexynow challenge: I'm too shy to approach her. How to take action


"I've got enough rakes! "Temptation is not for me! "Yes."

"I'm afraid of being ridiculed. "I don't know how to seduce you! »

"I don't know what temptation is: for me, temptation means showing the best of myself, hiding the negative, and even lying to others." "It's true, helois. Temptation is mainly about showing your best, but it also means showing your weaknesses, discovering each other, learning to listen to each other, learning to feel each other's vibration! "Yes."


Unit 1: learn to listen to the little voices that limit our initiative.


Module 2: getting to know each other


Unit 3: trying to change mindset


Unit 4: building confidence


Module 5: I take action








Module 1

Learn to listen to the little voices that limit our actions.


In fact, you're not born complex or shy, you're born. The key is to turn the so-called problems into opportunities and challenges.

Those whose lives are shrouded in negative emotions see almost everything as a problem. Getting rid of negative emotions enables us to immediately get rid of problems caused by perception.

It is in our childhood that our confidence in life is consolidated. Of course, our environment, education and experience will be decisive.


"I can't get close to it! "How can I tell him I like him", "I'm shy", "he / she must think I'm ridiculous! »…。 Our restrictive thinking can damage our self-esteem and even lead to a lack of confidence. This lack of trust often contains many concepts; But it emphasizes mistakes in the relationship with oneself or others. But it must be remembered that this is the result of a unique personal story. Helois's timidity is different from Veronica's. In fact, shyness is as much as shyness.




In order to gradually get rid of our shyness, we will start by listening to our inner voice, which encourages us or tries to have a negative impact on us at some time. These ideas are called Automatic negative thinking.


Here are some ways to combat negative thoughts:

  • Determine what the inner voice is saying and find out what it's more often about. Calm, pause breathing.


  • Find the intervention of this negative thinking: under what circumstances and in what emotional state the voice appears.
  • When a negative event happens, do I feel that I am a goal, or even feel guilty? "Why is the weather bad when I plan to climb the mountain! "Yes."


  • Bypass the negative inner voice and accept the fact that the inner voice can be wrong.


  • When you hear these negative thoughts, step back and let your inner feelings, experiences and feelings guide you.
  • Develop the art of compromise, the art of nuance, to avoid setting a situation in white or black without a second to admit that it may be in the middle.


  • "I can't"... You limit yourself from the beginning. This may even lead to self destruction to escape the situation. Then answer him in this voice, "I think I can do it! "Yes."


  • Negative self-assessment and hasty conclusions: step back and provide yourself with a broader area of analysis.


  • Filter other external voices: these external voices come from our education; "You shouldn't... You should... It's not reasonable." These ideas from our education are also part of us, and they can strengthen the automatic inner voice that appears in some cases. So be bold to answer them with your more positive point of view.









Module 2

Building confidence


"He / she / it can't even see me! »; "I dare not"; "You think I can please him"... What if you no longer judge yourself, no longer doubt your ability, no longer fear others, no longer fear accidents?

Self confidence is regarded as an ability to mobilize inner strength, or just an ability to act. Do you have this natural resource?

Self confidence: know your ability and ensure your ability.


In order to start building confidence, we will refine our diagnosis and find out the source of my lack of confidence..

  • Depression leads to a decline in self-confidence

"Not at all! "Yes." Inferiority is also common.

  • Anxiety and / or depression caused by anxiety.

"How will I ensure that my promotion brings extra work! »


  • The decline of confidence caused by self judgment rejection

"He will never listen to me! "Yes."


  • The decline of confidence caused by continuous seeking for recognition

"If you were me, what would you do?"


How to overcome this lack of confidence

Once we find the factors that may lead to our lack of confidence, we can consider using the Tools to help us take action-Yes. Of course, there is no "miracle" or "fast" solution; Everyone needs to test and adjust the various tools we can use.


Tool 1: "I believe in myself, I know who I am"

Self confidence is first of all to understand yourself, accept yourself and appreciate yourself. Quickly remember your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures in one minute, and look at the faces of all the people who shared your good time with you.


Tool 2: coordinate with appearance

If it's a barrier to a lack of confidence in your body. Look in the mirror and talk to you or the mirror. Do I like my body? What's going on? I really appreciate it!








Tool 3: filter his ideas

Try to filter out our automatic negative thoughts (ANP) and personal beliefs.


Tool 4: try to be neutral

I try to be neutral without any judgment. So I stick to the facts. I don't judge myself by being wise after the event.


Tool 5: set evaluable goals

I set myself clear and evaluable goals. In other words, clear, realistic and specific goals. This will enable me to move forward step by step in a calm and peaceful manner.


Tool 6: bending method

Why not arm yourself with this tool? I can use it Conscious positive self suggestion.


Tool 7: rephrasing our negative thoughts

In order to combat our negative thoughts, we will re enact them by eliminating conditions and using "I" to involve you in all your actions.






Module 3

Trying to change the mindset


How to handle events in other ways? Or rather, how do we explain events in our personal history and their significance?

From now on, I've learned to focus on the positive aspects of every situation.

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Be bold and cheer up.

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