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Makeup and beauty trends in 2021

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Faced with the wearing of the mask indispensable in these disturbances at the sanitary level, the makeup of the face experimenting with other processes that do not fail to highlight the beauty of the woman.

Elevate the beauty of the eyes Via a black pigments around the eyes for a deeper look at enigmatic.


The latest fashion show shows, have seen the use by make-up artists, kohl, very dense eyelids and liner in CAT-EYES.

The looks are funny, the lips are with a glossy nude effect (Glow and Gloss touch) or POPS colors (pink or bright red); The fringe reappeared revisited destructured, long, rounded, thick, or asymmetrical.


Charbonneous look or Smoky Eyes

The Smoky Eye is a must make makeup for festive evenings. The Smoky Eye allows (having a embers look, a bewitching look.


Pre-: Who says Smoky Eye, said perfect complexion. The cleaning and hydration of the face will be essential. Then we choose the good foundation.


The material to have :

  • 3 eyeshadow of the same hue, but of different shades (1 clear light, 1 box intermediate nuance, 1 dark blossom)
  • A unifying makeup base for the eyes
  • A bright eye shadow
  • A black khill cayon
  • Brushes to apply and fad eye shadows
  • Cottons stems to correct any small burrs.



We start with the application of a moisturizing eye contour with a brush to deflate eyes if we need it, or in case of fatigue. Then we apply a moisturizing cream for the face always with a brush.



After correctioning dark circles and redness, the unifying base is applied to the eyelid. This base will make it easier to fix makeup, and will also hold better in time.


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