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The seduction it is learned? The testimony of Héloïse

The seduction it is learned?

Testimony on the Séduction of Heloise Experience

Heloise confides on his shyness that constitutes, for her, a real obstacle to seduce a person who likes him.



All my friends tell me that I have everything to seduce, but I really do not trust me! I sometimes want to seduce a handsome boy, but ... impossible to say the slightest word, and worse, I am tetanized if he tries to talk to me!

Where does my shyness come from? I can not solve this blockage. I gave a little documented on how to seduce, only I do not know how to take me to defeat my shyness and try to let go.

Exchanges with Heloise

 Seduce (Dedura in Latin), despite all the differences in definitions, even interpretations, to meet the other, go to the meeting of the one or the one we want to discover. Not obvious when you are not Cleopatra or a James Bond ...

Why do not I have this ability like my friend Marco, or even Sylvie, to react and propose a pretext to get in touch with those who make us palpitate the heart?

Is it self-esteem ? It is only in love with themselves that one can know if the other can love us. Building healthy and viable relationships over time, requires also not to fall into some narcissism often fed by lies and arrangements.

To meet the other by being seduced by what he (she) releases, his presence, his presence, his voice, or what we feel at that moment. Why do not we affirm ourselves? Our reactions, our communication, are governed for a good part by Our education and our experiences. "obeyed", "be wise at school", "you have not been too talkative?" ... We are built in a mold, which formates us somewhat in the inaction, and which impacts our capital seduction . The reasons for our impossibility to act coming from the youngest age, our representations, from our childhood, devaluation, and our need to please (the art of compromise). This fear of the action, of the unknown often born a large number of frustrations. We prefer the passivity to conflicts and contradictions.

Send the other does not apply only to new meetings. Seduce the other as a couple is a necessity by reinventing itself, starting with the conquest of the other. Develop the flame of your love, jostling the present moment, froking the needles of your watches a few hours, daring to tell him I love you in the ear, leaving him a sweet word in his clothes, overflowing with gestures of affections that look like you.

Before applying the "Just Do It" of a known brand, let's try to analyze what could be changed in our approach to seduction, to dare to approach the other, dare to express its attraction by a word or a word gestures. I could eliminate all these ideas, concepts, negative beliefs which limit me in the realization of any action. "I do not feel beautiful", "I'm not beautiful," I'm not going to please him "," I'm not interesting "," He's going to be bored with me "," with the physical that J 'Ai "," I'm too "," I'm not enough ", etc ... These beliefs are free in every moment, as soon as our heart pushes us to act. Here are some exercises to get rid of these limiting beliefs:

Exercise 1: Conduct a reflection on the origin of our limiting beliefs. Where does this negative idea come from?

Exercise 2: try to list the beliefs that we have on ourselves.

Exercise # 3: Surprise to think or state this negative idea (self-observation)

Exercise # 4: Write everything you do not like at home, all the "I'm too" or "I'm not enough", which annoys you. Forget this list of beliefs for 5 days. Then relay the as if she mentioned someone you enjoy, or someone for whom you have kindness. Could you cancel or rephrase some of these negative ideas?

Exercise n ° 5: learn to reformulate limiting beliefs:

"I'm not beautiful," can become "I think I can please him on certain points."

"I can not please him," can become "he (she) can find me qualities.

"I'm big," can become "I have generous forms"

"He's not going to be interesting", can become "I can ripple his curiosity".

"I will still take a rake", can become "I can not please him but I would have tried".


"I'm really shy!" Shyness, as we have seen, can have various origins (education, experiences, beliefs). Try again. There will be no failure. This is a new experience of which you will draw constructive lessons. Try to get in touch, ask questions, interest yourself to others, exchange and as and when you will reveal. Each new meeting will be an opportunity to learn about oneself and others. Launch! Sometimes a "Hello"And a smile allows to engage the conversation very simply. It's as simple as that. Do not look too complicated. We must dare to be who we are. Do not try to read in the thoughts of the other. Devourez This moment, this moment where everything can rock. Be especially yourself.

It is true that some seducers (trices) always have a grip, a sentence that resonates for a minute in the brain of his interlocutor. Do not venture on this ground to start. A sincere smile or a true posture, your fragility, your sincerity, can produce the same effect. You are then at this time, interested, attentive, at the comments and gestures of your interlocutor. Your intuition Strangely aligns with your emotions and sensations of the moment. Trust your intuition. This intuition that triggers inevitably what is called the power of seduction. We all have it in us. Perhaps this ability to affirm: "I am me and I like it", "I am irresistible when I am me", "I can surprise and arouse interest", etc ...

I can go beyond shyness, I know how to take the first step, but how to develop my power of seduction



To seduce someone you like, is it obvious or difficult for you? What do you advise to Heloise to go beyond shyness? Share your experience with our readers of on


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