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Reimbursement policy

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The refund of the client will be made in the following cases:

case 1 : In case of partial or total repayment of the articles (s), after returning the product.

case 2 : In case of receipt of the command, or receiving an order with deteriorated product.

case : In case of withdrawal with refund request.

 ARTICLE 1 : SExyNow does not offer any exchange of articles currently. Returns of items are the responsibility of the customer. Articles must be returned to SexyNow Paris to benefit from a quick refund. All items returned to their original packaging intact can be refunded with the exception of otherwise stated (such as jewelry for example). Any article returned to a torn or damaged package making it improper to its reconditioning will be subject to a refund. In case of withdrawal, the customer must communicate his decision within fourteen days (14 days), through the withdrawal form or specifying "Retraction and Command Cancellation / Reference", by email to contact @ or at

For the removal of an article to SexyNow, send your article to:


Sexynow Fashion Shop

Business Center Paris 11

75 Avenue Parmentier

75 011 Paris


Article 2 : SexyNow does not offer an exchange of articles currently. . The refund is carried out upon receipt and verification of the article by SexyNow. Sexynow will reimburse the customer of all the sums paid for the payment of the article concerned. The refund will be made by bank transfer on behalf of the client. In case of partial return of the order, SexyNow undertakes under the conditions mentioned above to repay the customer the amount of the returned product reported in the command.

 ARTICLE 3 : SexyNow does not offer an exchange of articles currently. If the product or article is received by the customer, deteriorated or does not comply with the order, the client can make a return request for a refund.

The customer is fully responsible for the delivery details that he indicates in his order. in the case of a return of his order. The customer is informed that a penalty of twenty-nine euros and ninety centimes (29.90 euros) will be applied in the event of a refund or rediscover application in the following cases:

- error on his address when ordering, not allowing to deliver (NPAI does not live at the address indicated),

-or refusal of the package during delivery, or

-If the customer did not recover the package within the deadlines at the post office or in a relay point.

In the exceptional case where the customer would not have received his order after Forty-five days (45 days)The customer may obtain his refund by a simple refund request by email, specifying his contact details and references of his order to or


Clause 4 :The repayment to the Customer will be made by bank transfer on behalf and address of the client file, within a period of fifteen days (15 days) from the date of receipt of the article by SexyNow.

In exceptional cases where the customer would come back on his commitment, that is to say withdrawal within fourteen days, the refund will be done at the sole condition, the receipt of the article already shipped by SexyNow. For this purpose, the article will be refunded as soon as it is received at SexyNow Paris (see returning address, below).


 Address for an article feedback:


Sexynow Fashion Shop

Business Center Paris 11

75 Avenue Parmentier

75011 Paris



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