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SexyNow Story, Season 1, Episode 4 "Reunion"

Sexynow story


Ashley and Wesley: reunion

Summary of previous episodes 

It was during his performance during the Fashion Week Miami 2019 show, that "Million Day" (Alias ​​Wesley), is captivated by the gaze of a Catgirl: his first college girlfriend, Ashley, there in front of him , became international model!



After repeating the invitation of Wesley many times to have a drink .... Ashley finally finds it at the Mango Beach Café with the heart that throbs! She who thought did not feel anything for her first love, surprises no longer being able to control her emotions. His legs are cotton. Renowned for her feline approach in fashion weeks, she lacks to fade every step that brings her closer to him ... Is it a good idea? Why this vertiginous feeling? Will she call into question what she has built patiently with Steeve?



At Mango Beach Café, what's going on between Ashley and Wesley? Everything is too fluid ... they are alone in the world! The conversation resumes as the first day. They evoke the present, their passions. Wesley does not fail to congratulate Ashley for his brilliant journey. For his part, she admits him not to be surprised by his stage character built through "Million Day", the Star Hip Hop militant for gender equality.


They did not see this sunny afternoon. Despite their agendas still overbooked, Wesley offers Ashley to see again to make him discover the thrilling sensations of the Fly Board,  



After these very warm reunion, how will they apprehend the future?

Follow the adventures of Ashley and Wesley, in the next episodes ...


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